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Photo Gallery

Technical Photos Technical Photos Three copper panels 1 bay 168751587 6 foot wide copper valley centre 168751588 Badly felted roof 168751589 Before work done on Chinese shop swords 168751590 Hammered canopy look 168751591 Circular lead internal soak away 168751592 Classic star crack fatigue joint spit 168751593 Copper divided up between roof lights 168751594 Copper dressing outlet 168751595 Copper outlet and adjoining existing torch on 168751596 Copper run off gutter on slate roof 168751597 Copper sump outlet 168751598 Copper wall capping 168751599 Gutter roof intersection 168751600 Joiningg new copper repair to old roof 168751601 Lead valleys& velux & old & new slating 168751602 New lead valley on old roof. Note: no felt on old building 168751604 Parapet box side outlet to hoper head castiron 168751606 Parapet box side outlet to copper 168751608 Parapet valley on St. James Church 168751610 Porch Copper hip with seceret gutter Kimage 168751612 Raised copper deck with back roof light 168751613 Raising the edge 168751614 Refelting leaking roof 168751615 Remedial repair to corrigated panel roof to sort 168751616 Roof light 168751617 Round tower internal drip tray Kildare 168751618 Secret gutter and outlet 168751619 Slate ridge line 168751620 Spire top Donnycarney church 168751621 Split level valley in roof 168751622 Stripping out and renewing 168751623 The base of the spire Donnycarney church 168751624 Three intersecting copper upstands 168751625